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SexuaLobster tribute AMV - Ding Dong of The Manwhore

2014-05-23 11:21:26 by StufferofLegends

Hey guys!


It's been a while since I've done anything reasonable on Newgrounds. And looks like the time for that has not yet come, for I'm merely writing to shamelessly promote my stupid AMV that is a living testement to how I fail at producing original content.

It does have some redeeming qualities, though: not only does it have the incredibly erogenous Doing Dong Song by Günther, but it contains nothing but the gorgeously sleazy work of SexuaLobster. While unfortunately I'm not in speaking terms with Günther, I was able to grant permission from Mr. Lobster. Many thanks to the sexiest of all animators!


If you're interested, please give it a shot:


Also, don't forget to check out SexuaLobster's YouTube account as well. As you all probably know, Manwhore Industries is coming on June 1st, so be prepared!


Thanks for your attention and have fun!

Hello there, dear Newgrounders!

Well, I haven't been doing a lot here at Newgrounds since creating my account, at it will probably stay this way, but I thought I'd put on a little piece of the still ongoing comic jam which provided the basis for Sexual Lobster's Milk of The Manwhore. It is a relatively spoiler-free page with the aim of inviting you to read or even contribute to the jam if you'd like. Well, the picture was made in a hurry, so I couldn't add shades and all, but I've uploaded it anyway, so it's too late for me to complain or look for excuses I guess.

Ummm, anyways, here's a link to the picture and another one to the comic jam itself. fferoflegends/the-gooseman-quiz-show d/comic.html

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, sorry for my bad English, and have fun while viewing (and hopefully not blamming the living hell out of) my picture! Oh, and don't forget to guess the correct answer!